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Senior Architect



  1. Assists in the distribution and production of conceptual, schematic, construction drawings and schedules to Project Architects.
  2. Performs actual drawing preparations of critical details such as section drawings.
  3. Assists in the review of plans, drawings and their details.
  4. Prepares minutes of the meetings, status report of conceptual, schematic, construction drawings, site inspection report and report on the coordination with site representatives.
  5. Coordinates with consultants regarding the design aspects of the project.
  6. Assists in discussing plans and drawings with the Project Development Team and Consultants for a specific project assignment.
  7. Coordinates the structural, electrical and MEPF requirements of the project.
  8. Attends meetings with the Project teams to coordinate designs and working drawings on behalf of the Senior Project Architect.
  9. Ensures that all scheduled meetings are attended to.
  10. Assists in the monitoring of the production of plans and drawings and ensures that schedules are strictly implemented without compromising quality of work.
  11. Assists in the monitoring of designs and plans execution in actual construction.
  12. Ensures that the projects comply to local, international and AMG standards.
  13. Assists in the monitoring and evaluation project status and progress.
  14. Evaluates and reviews designs and plans before, during and after execution.
  15. Performs coaching, mentoring and development of subordinates.
  16. Oversees and ensures that all new hires of his/her Division undergo on-boarding programs and orientations.
  17. Provides and supports career development planning and opportunities of his/her subordinates.
  18. Conducts meaningful and timely performance management and development process for his/her subordinates that will encourage employee contribution and collaboration including goal setting, feedback and performance development planning.
  19. Provides effective and timely performance feedback through employee recognition, rewards and disciplinary action with the guidance of Human Resources when necessary.
  20. Prepares and submits the following reports on a regular basis:
    1. Plans and Construction Drawings Status Report
    2. Design Execution Status Report
    3. Minutes of the Meetings
    4. Rework and Design Rejection Report
  21. Performs other management mandated functions.



  • A Licensed  Architect
  • Minimum of five (5) years related work experience in Design and Execution, Property Development
  • Expert in the use of  MS Office applications specifically MS Word, Powerpoint, MS Excel and MS Visio as well as other specialized software like SAP, CADD and others
  • Expert in  local building codes and international  standards in design and construction industry
  • Above average proficiency level of communication (oral and written) and creative thinking skills
  • Above average proficiency level of people management, leadership and financial acumen skills
  • Strong planning and project management skills
  • Knowledgeable in various  design phases like conceptualization, schematic, design development, project handover and supervision

About the Company

At Ayala Malls, it’s all about creating an Amazing experience. Our spaces cultivate a dynamic retail environment where everything and everyone come together—well-loved, and upcoming homegrown brands and culinary choices; global fashion labels and dining destinations; state-of-the-art entertainment and recreation facilities; and invigorating pocket gardens among bustling urban centers.

Strengthened by Ayala Land’s 30-year heritage in master-planning mixed-use developments, we continue to lead in conceptualizing, innovating, and managing premium retail concepts that cater to a diverse, globalized demographic.

With over 60 commercial centers situated strategically in the Philippines’ main cities and burgeoning centers of growth, our malls serve as lifestyle and cultural hubs that seamlessly integrate built and natural environments through contemporary Filipino architecture and design, and present a refreshing shopping, dining, and leisure experience that enlivens diverse locales nationwide.

For a workday escape, or a weekend with family and friends, Ayala Malls is more than a destination—it is where possibilities spark unforgettable moments and experiences—Awakening Amazing with every day, with every encounter.
Last Update: October 7, 2019
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