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Procurement Manager (Direct/Trade)




  • 8 years relevant experience in a leadership capacity from the pharmaceutical industry.
  • Certification in Materials Management, Customer Service and Logistics is a plus.




  • Bachelor`s Degree of Industrial Engineering, Business Administration, Management or related field
  • Knowledge of sourcing and procurement techniques; proven track record in negotiating for building long term saving on procurement costs
  • Must have strong negotiation skills and aptitude in decision making and working with numbers.
  • Working knowledge and understanding of inventory management system.
  • Advance knowledge on SAP, MS Excel, MS word and other MS Office.



  • Management aptitudes, leadership and communication skills
  • Professional level of oral/written communication skills, negotiation skills, credibility, reliability in dealing with suppliers
  • Strong leadership skills and proven experience in staff development
  • Ability to take a proactive approach to overcome challenges and achieve results
  • Versatile, tenacious and people orientated
  • Strong knowledge of principles, methods, and procedures of purchasing and inventory control




  1. Managing and controlling all the company’s material and service requirements including but not limited to medicines, galenicals, consumers goods & other trade products, operational supplies, marketing supports, construction and all other goods & services needed for the smooth operation of the company.
  2. Establish strategic relationships with key suppliers ensuring
  3. Identify new suppliers, agree terms and negotiate supply agreements where appropriate, including discount structures and volume rebates.
  4. Oversees the approval and control of the procurement function, within limits of delegated authority. 
  5. Investigates all new developments relative to medicines, galenicals, consumer goods and makes recommendations designed to reduce costs and improve quality.  Keeps informed about news and changes in the pharmaceutical industry.
  6. Regularly reviews margins for existing products and recommends price changes accordingly.
  7. Sources, maintains, updates vendor database system with market place information including past experiences of the company using that vendor, pricing, quality and reliability. 
  8. Assists in the evaluation of possible new items to carry, drives achievement of targeted GP Margin (COGS).
  9. Provides regular reports to management regarding the overall performance of the department.
  10. Supervises the optimal operations of all sections (trade, non-trade, sourcing) ensuring quality performance, compliance and ethical practice.
  11. Coordinates with inventory planning in maintaining healthy inventory, safety stock and supply conditions.
  12. Participate in committee meetings on new product introductions, product deliberations, new accounts, design & franchise and other ad hoc committees that may be assigned.
  13. Monitor work schedules to ensure meeting of deadlines.
  14. Develop new strategies.
  15. Assemble project team, assigning individual responsibilities and coordinating activities
  16. Develop project schedule and define project milestones.
  17. Ensure timely completion and meet deadlines of project.
  18. Performs other tasks that the job may require.

About the Company

Generika Drugstore is the pioneer in the retail of generic medicines in the country established in 2003. Generika Drugstore aims to provide access to quality affordable generic medicines specially to underserved communities. With over 800 stores nationwide and growing, Generika Drugstore aims to become the most innovative drugstore chain driven by a strong sense of social purpose. Generika Drugstore is at the forefront in providing quality affordable healthcare with superior customer service.

Generika Drugstore is a member of AC Health- a wholly owned subsidiary of Ayala Corporation for its healthcare portfolio.
Last Update: September 11, 2019
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